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安徽彩票娱乐平台 每日新闻播报(July 23)


>hukou registration starts


the beijing municipal bureau of human resources and social security will select 6,000 people with the most points out of 106,403 non-native applicants to be awarded the city's hukou, or household registration status, this year. 今年,北京市人力资源和社会保障局将从106403名非本地申请人中,选出6000位分数最高的申请人,向其发放北京市户口。

the bureau's online system for applications closed on saturday, and it plans to publish the final list of beneficiaries on oct 15.市积分落户在线申报系统于20日关闭,计划于10月15日公示取得积分落户资格人员最终名单。

the quota is basically the same as that of last year, when the city adopted the point-based household registration reform. 2018年北京市启动积分落户改革,今年的落户规模基本与去年持平。

the point-based household registration method has been widely regarded as a fair way for non-natives to obtain local urban status, which has been introduced in beijing and shanghai. 积分落户制被公认为非本地人获得当地城市户籍的一种公平方式,目前北京和上海已采用这种制度。

it has also proved to be effective in meeting the demand for personnel flow while limiting rapid growth of urban population in the mega-cities.事实证明,积分落户制也是满足人员流动,同时限制特大城市人口迅速增长行之有效的方法。

li na of china takes the stage to be inducted into the international tennis hall of fame in newport, rhode island, us, july 20, 2019. [photo/agencies]

>li na enters hall of fame


two-time grand slam winner li na became the first chinese player to be inducted into the international tennis hall of fame on saturday. 20日,我国退役网球巨星、两次大满贯冠军得主李娜成为首位进驻国际网球名人堂的中国运动员。

enshrined together with mary pierce of france and russian yevgeny kafelnikov as class of 2019, the iconic former chinese star broke new ground once again by becoming the first-ever asian member of the hall of fame since its founding 65 years ago. 与李娜一同成为网球名人堂2019年新成员的还有来自法国的皮尔斯和来自俄罗斯的卡费尔尼科夫。李娜成为国际网球名人堂成立65年来第一位入驻的亚洲球员,实现了新的突破。

li earned her fame in the 2011 australia open as the runner-up and later she won the french open trophy the same year, becoming the first asian-born player to win a grand slam title. 李娜因在2011年澳大利亚网球公开赛上获得亚军一举成名,同年她又拿下法国网球公开赛冠军,成为首位夺取大满贯冠军的亚洲球员。

she retired in 2014 after winning her second grand slam title at the australian open.2014年,李娜在澳网拿下个人第二座大满贯奖杯后宣布退役。

tony leung chiu-wai(l) smiles after receiving the officer of the order of arts and letters from french consul general arnaud barthelemy in hong kong on june 8, 2015.[photo/china news service]

>cast of shang-chi announced


marvel cinematic universe announced the cast of its first chinese superhero film on sunday, stirring discussions among chinese netizens. 漫威电影宇宙21日公布首部华人超级英雄电影的演员阵容,引发国内网友热议。

chinese canadian actor simu liu, best known from the sitcom "kim's convenience", will play the title role in "shang-chi and the legend of the ten rings". 以情景喜剧《金氏便利店》闻名的加拿大籍华裔演员刘思慕将出演《上气与十戒传奇》男主角"上气"。

the cast includes "crazy rich asians" star nora lum, better known by her stage name awkwafina, and hong kong actor tony leung chiu-wai. 该片的演员阵容还包括出演过《摘金奇缘》的影星林家珍(其艺名奥卡菲娜更为人所熟知)和香港演员梁朝伟。

some of leung's fans complain that their idol will play a supporting character in a film starring a less well known chinese canadian actor.梁朝伟的一些粉丝抱怨称,他们的男神将在一部无甚名气的加拿大籍华裔演员主演的电影中担当配角。

"liu is not popular in china. many fans had never even heard his name before marvel announced the cast," said a marvel superhero fan. 一位漫威超级英雄粉表示,刘思慕在中国人气不高,漫威公布演员阵容前许多粉丝甚至连他的名字都没听过。

the reason that marvel chose a little-known character even to marvel fans to play shang-chi is that the company had made similar decisions on films about lesser known characters that paid off at the box office, such as the "guardians of the galaxy" films, according to film critic raymond zhou.影评人周黎明认为,漫威之所以选择一位连漫威粉都知之甚少的演员出演"上气",是因为该公司曾在部分影片,比如《银河护卫队》系列影片中做过类似的决定,即启用了"无名新人"结果却在票房上取得了收益。


>prince george turns 6


kensington palace published three official photographs of prince george taken recently by his mother, the duchess of cambridge. they were released to mark the prince's 6th birthday. prince george, the third in line to the throne after his grandfather and his father, turns six on monday. 英国的乔治王子周一迎来六岁生日,肯辛顿宫发布了他的三张官方照片为他庆生,这些照片均由乔治王子的母亲剑桥公爵夫人亲自拍摄。乔治王子是英国王位的第三顺位继承人,排在其祖父和父亲之后。

two of the images show the prince wearing a white england home shirt and grinning in the garden of his home at kensington palace. 其中两张照片中,小王子身穿英格兰队主场白色球衣,在肯辛顿宫家中的草地上笑得很是开心。

a third shows him on a family holiday, wearing a green polo shirt and striped blue and white shorts.第三张照片中,小王子身穿绿色polo衫和蓝白条纹短裤,正在和家人度假。

prince george was born in the private lindo wing of st mary's hospital in london on july 22, 2013. the prince has completed year 1 at the private thomas's battersea school and will begin year 2 this september.乔治王子2013年7月22日出生于伦敦圣玛丽医院林登私立分院,目前他已在私立学校托马斯贝特西完成了一年级的学业,今年9月将升入二年级。

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